About Us
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A One Salasar Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer and market leader in industrial scrap management solutions in India. For over 30 years, A One Salasar clients have improved business process efficiency through our end to end scrap management service tire pre-auction, auction and post-auction process professionally. Our (automated yet 100% customized) solutions fit every need and budget.
Services Offered by
A One Salasar
  • Formulation and deployment of scrap management solutions
  • Organizing and conducting forward and reverse auctions
  • Segregation, bundling and unbundling of lot sizes
  • Fixing of reserve price
  • Receipts Managttement
" At our open trading platform, the market determines the values of goods sold. Our module is dynamic, user-friendly, transparent, and gives you a 100% secured access. Our broad database and superior Business Collaboration Network integrates inter-enterprise commerce and will improve your buyer-seller-customer relationships. "
A One Salasar's
Expertise Includes
  • Selling all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  • Selling residues of lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, drosses,
  • oils and miscellaneous scrap with PCB authorized and unauthorized parties.
  • Selling non-moving, surplus stores, spares and secondaries
  • Assistance in disposal of NPA's and NMI's
A One Salasar's
Clients Includes
  • Sterlite Industries Ltd.
  • Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
  • Bharat Aluminum Co. Ltd. (BALCO)
  • Vedanta Aluminum Co. Ltd.
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • GHCL Limited
  • Systematic Industries Ltd.