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A-24-5107 12-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Tower Crane Structural Steel Scrap, At - Mumbai, Maharashtra
A-24-5108 11-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Barrels, Copper Scrap, GI Scrap, Rubber Scrap, Tyre, At - Kalaburagi,Karnataka
A-24-5097 08-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Plastic Wrappers, Cartoon Scrap, Empty Bags, Plastic Waste Ceka Box, Old Iron, Cattle feed powder, At - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
A-24-5113 08-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, E-waste, GI Scrap, IT Waste, Magnese, Rubber Scrap, Fire Wood, At - Kotputli, Rajasthan
A-24-5112 08-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of M.S Rotor Sleeve, Stud, Adopter, RUBBER PACKING, VHE100 (SB) (PRECISION) PUMP, At - Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
A-24-5099 07-03-2024 e-auction Sale of Batteries and charger, BOPT, MTS Setup, HDR Parts, Television, Sweeping Machine, Vaccum cleaner, At - Mandal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
A-24-5106 07-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Aluminium Scrap, Jumbo Bags, Otr Tyre, Scrap Rubber, Polythene Sheets, Copper Scrap, Hazardous Waste, At - Prembra, Limba, Kalamassary, Hyd-ace, Hyd-spinnmax, AP, Chennai
A-24-5083 06-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Food Waste, At - Viralimalai, Tamil Nadu
A-24-5095 06-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of E-waste, Garbage Scrap, Plastic, Packing Scrap, At - Jharsuguda, Odisha
A-24-5092 06-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of APMT ASSETS, At - Haridwar, Uttarakhand
A-24-5047 06-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Anchor Bolts, Washers, Nut, Structural Steel, Punching Scrap, Melting Scrap, Drilling Scrap, MS GI wire, Mix scrap, At - Halol, Gujarat
A-24-5104 06-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of SS Scrap, CRNGO Melting Scrap, At - Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh
A-24-5058 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Chemical, At - Satpur, Nashik, Maharashtra
A-24-5093 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Barrels, Conveyor Belt, HRCS Scrap, Magnese Steel, Plastic Container, SS Scrap, PVC Scrap, At - Sedam, Karnataka
A-24-5105 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of [Batteries, GI wires, MS, At -Alwar, Rajasthan
A-24-5110 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of M.S Scrap, SS Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, PVC Scrap, Brass Scrap Pieces, Wooden Scrap, Paper Tube, Brazing Rod Rust Scrap, At - Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
A-24-5089 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, Fire Bricks Alumina, MS Mix, Obsolete item, Other , PVC, At - Solan, Himachal Pradesh
A-24-5088 05-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of DG Set, GI Scrap, MS Heavy, At - Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh
A-24-5085 05-03-2024 e_Auction sale of SCRAP IDLE ASSET -POT SHELL AND PSSSCRAP I B R TUBE SCREEN COIL, At-Hirakud, Sambalpur, Odisha
A-24-5091 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of GI Scrap, MS Scrap, At - Nashik, Maharashtra
A-24-5096 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of MS Container, At - Nagothane, Maharashtra
A-24-5059 04-03-2024 e_Auction sale of Ms material ISMC,MS Plates, At-Wadala, Mumbai, Maharashtra
A-24-5115 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of COTTON YARN, DYED YARN SINGLE PLASTIC, YARN SINGLE PAPER,MIX YARN,At - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
A-24-5109 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of MS Light, Plastic, Scrap Locomotive, At - Chandrapur, Maharashtra
A-24-4999 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Industrial Plastics Waste - SBR, SER, Light Weight, Fines 1, Light Wash Flakes, Lumps, Fines & Dust Powe, Vibro Fines, Sink Tank, Flotable, Neck, Packing Material, M.S Wire, Non Pet Bottle, Dry Wrapper, At - Gajraula,Uttar Pradesh
A-24-5111 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Dross, At - Renukoot, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
A-24-5114 04-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of MS Light, MS Mix, MS Scrap, Paper, Iron Scrap, Divider, At - Naroda, Santej, Gujarat
A-24-5101 02-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Plastic, PVC, Rubber Scrap, At - Panchmahal,Gujarat
A-24-5062 02-03-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Bopp Dust, CPP Lumps waste, Poly Lumps & Wiry Waste, Poly Plastic liner, White Bags, Jumbo Bags, Fire Wood, PVC Container, MS Drum, Wooden Scrap, At - Nashik, Maharashtra
A-24-5103 02-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Gunny Bag, Empty PVC, Paper Bag, Silver Bag, Chemical Bag, Finolex Bag, Jumbo Bag, Other Bags, At - Panchmahal, Gujarat
A-24-5090 02-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Bearing Scrap, HRCS Scrap, Motors, MS Drum, MS Light, Tank, At - Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
A-24-5082 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Cast Iron, Copper, GI Scrap, Jumbo Bag, Plastic, At - Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
A-24-5080 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Dross, At - Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
A-24-5098 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Assorted Scrap, At-Pune, Maharashtra
A-24-5100 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Garbage Scrap, Dust scrap At - Panchmahal,Gujarat
A-24-5102 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of GI Scrap, MS Heavy, Mix Corrugated Box, MS Light, MS Turning, Wooden Scrap, At - Panchmahal, Gujarat
A-24-5057 01-03-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Copper, Corrugated Box, GI Scrap, MS, Other , Bags, Plastic, Wooden Scrap, At - Ghilot, Rajasthan, India
A-24-5060 29-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of DUMPER, Excavator, MS Light, Plastic At - Chandrapur, Maharashtra
A-24-5054 29-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Barrels, Batteries, Electrical Scrap, Machines, PVC, At - Patiala, Punjab
A-24-5063 29-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, Grease, HRCS Scrap, MS Heavy, MS Light, MS Mix, Oil, Tor Steel, At - Beawar, Rajasthan
A-24-5048 29-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Alloys, Conveyor Belt, Filter Scrap, MS Heavy, MS Light, MS Scrap, Metal drum, At - Keonjhar, Odisha
A-24-5086 29-02-2024 e_Auction Sale ofBatteries, Bearing Scrap, GI Scrap, MS Heavy, MS Light, Other , Tyre At - Kachchh, Gujarat, India
A-24-5025 28-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Conveyor Belt, Filter Bag, MS Mix, Other , Plastic Drum, At - Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, India
A-24-5065 28-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Electrical Scrap, GI Scrap, MS MISC, Wooden Scrap At - Dholera,Gujarat
A-24-5053 28-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of MS Heavy, MS Light , At - Durgapur, West Bengal
A-24-5052 28-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Batteries, Bitumen Tar Pitch Powder, Cans, MS Light, PVC, Spares Items, Tyre At - Bundi,Rajasthan
A-24-5081 28-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Anode , Ceramic Foam Filter, Copper, HDPE Bag, Iron Fines, Jumbo Bag, LDPE Bag, MS Drum, MS Heavy, MS Light, MS Turning, Obsolete item, Oil, Plastic Drum, PVC, Rope And Pully, Rubber Scrap, Water heaters / Collectors, Tyre, At - Renukoot, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
A-24-5050 27-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of CPU , Monitor , Keyboard, At - Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra
A-24-5045 27-02-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Filter Element, Empty Cement Bags/PP, Jumbo Bag, Motor Grader, Water Cooler, CCTV, At - Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh
A-24-5064 27-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Steel scrap, MS Scrap, At - Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra
A-24-5041 27-02-2024 e_Auction Sale Of Machinery Item, At - Silvassa, Gujarat
A-24-5049 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Plywood Scrap, At - Ulwe, Maharashtra
A-24-5046 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Scrap Roller Sleeve (Banite), At - Pune, Maharashtra
A-24-5039 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of M/s RSP,M/s Sri Elite,Alu form Material, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
A-24-5079 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Methanol ML, Recovered MDC, Toluene Recovered, At - Ankleshwar, Gujarat
A-24-5084 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of RODTEP At - Ahmdebad,Gujarat
A-24-5061 26-02-2024 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, GI Strip, Transformer, At - Hirakud, Sambalpur, Odisha, India
A-24-4966 12-12-2023 e_Auction Sale of Plywood Scrap
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R-24-2308 05-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Packing Machine (Besan), At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2310 04-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Garments auxiliaries, At - Naroda, Santej, Gujarat
R-24-2306 04-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement Packing Machine, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2311 02-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement for GSodium Hydroxide Lye /Caustic Soda Lye ,At-Ahmedabad, Gujarat
R-24-2309 01-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Metal Hanger, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2307 01-03-2024 e_Auction Procurement for P P/L D Bags & HDPE Cover Bags, At - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
R-24-2303 29-02-2024 e_Auction Procurement Sugar, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2305 28-02-2024 e_Auction Procurement for DE-OILED CAKE, At-Ahmedabad, Gujarat
R-24-2304 28-02-2024 e_Auction Procurement for STEAM COAL 4900 GAR ( IMPORTED / INDIAN ), At-Ahmedabad, Gujarat
R-24-2302 27-02-2024 e_Auction Procurement for LDPE ROLL,W=75",150 GAUGE (WITHOUT OBA), At - Raipur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
R-24-2184 03-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Square container ( without lid), At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2183 03-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Cow SMP, Cow Butter, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-24-2182 02-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Sodium Hydroxide Lye /Caustic Soda, At - Naroda Road, Gujarat
R-23-2180 02-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Edible Oil, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-23-2179 02-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Sugar, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-23-2177 02-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement for Confec Hangers, At - Bangalore, Karnataka
R-23-2178 01-01-2024 e_Auction Procurement of Drums, At - Jharsuguda, Odisha
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ET-24-625 01-04-2024 01-04-2024 Sale of W&S Dross, At - Rakholi, Silvasa
ET-24-618 09-03-2024 09-03-2024 Sale Of Aluminium Scrap, Paper Scrap, PVC, Wooden Scrap, At - Haridwar, Uttarakhand
ET-24-623 06-03-2024 06-03-2024 Sale of Convertor Transformer, Power Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, At - Sambalpur, Odisha
ET-24-621 06-03-2024 06-03-2024 Sales of APMT ASSETS , At - Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
ET-24-612 28-02-2024 28-02-2024 Sale Of W&S of Aluminum Clad steel wire
ET-24-613 27-02-2024 27-02-2024 Sale Of Alu tube with Plastic core scrap, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Barrels, Paper Scrap, Wooden Scrap
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Salasar e-auctioning portal is one of the most preferred sites in the industry. It is certainly a smart and modern substitute to manual auctions. We aim to provide real-time pricing and ensure to facilitate wider participation of bidders, thus offering better selling rates.

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We provide a fully managed online reverse auction solutions, regulating the data and the bidding process. Over our dynamic platform, we allow businesses to conduct an online exchange of products and services with several global suppliers and channel partners.

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Salasar e-auction platform has been helping clients carry customized online Dutch auctions, in such a way that their profit is maximized. Now, the time to get stuck in the lengthy auctioning paperwork has gone; we have brought a revolutionized technique, where the entire process can be carried under your fingertips.

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We are known for providing best online tendering solutions in the industry. Moreover, we ensure to carry the entire tender cycle within the time as mentioned by you through our automated system, delivering transparency, apt cost reduction, and efficient procurement process.

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