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A-22-2506 01-02-2022 e_Auction Sale of Brass Scrap, Plastic, SS Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, CI Scrap, Electrical Scrap, Barrels, ALUMINUM COATED GROOVE INSERT SCRAP, OXIDE FLOOR SWEEPING -AL. CHIPS&IRON, SERVO STABILIZER
A-22-2518 31-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Batteries, MS Light, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Electrical Scrap, Gunny Bag, Food Waste
A-22-2520 29-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Tyre, Nylone, Rubber Scrap
A-22-2462 28-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of SS Scrap
A-22-2510 28-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Food Waste
A-22-2516 28-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Brass Scrap, Aluminium, HRCS Scrap, Plastic Drum, Grease, Bearing Scrap, Conveyor Belt, MS Light, Filter Bag, PVC, Copper Scrap, Hi Chrome Casting Scrap, Magnese Steel, Oil Filter, Rubber Scrap, MS MISC
A-22-2519 28-01-2022 e_Auction sale of MS Drum, Cartoon Box, MS Scrap, PVC, Polythene Scrap, Wooden Scrap, Powder
A-22-2478 27-01-2022 E-AUCTION sale of Triveni Steam Base Turbine Power Plant
A-22-2500 27-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Plastic, GI Scrap, MS Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Fire Extinguishers, Tank]
A-22-2522 27-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of HRCS Scrap, Grinding Media , Conveyor Belt
A-22-2523 27-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-22-2468 25-01-2022 E-AUCTION sale of Magnese
A-22-2485 25-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Payloader, DUMPER, DRILL, FLOOR SWEEPING, Dozer
A-22-2498 25-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of E-waste, Aluminium, IT Waste, Cast Steel
A-22-2514 25-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Light, MS Scrap, Magnese Steel
A-22-2505 24-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Scrap
A-22-2507 24-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Machinery Item, MS Heavy
A-22-2509 24-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Fire Bricks Alumina, Plastic Drum, PVC, Electrical Scrap, Fire Bricks Magnese, Motors
A-22-2481 22-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Ms drum,caste steel,oil,wooden scrap,cotton waste
A-22-2508 22-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Drum, Cast Steel, Oil, Wooden Scrap, Cotton Waste
A-22-2513 22-01-2022 e_Auction sale of transformal oil
A-22-2491 21-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Structural Steel
A-22-2501 21-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Passenger Vehicles, Wooden Scrap, Zinc
A-21-2459 20-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item
A-22-2499 20-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Brass Scrap, Batteries, Aluminium, Machinery Item, MS Drum, MISC Item, Tyre, Conveyor Belt, MS Scrap, SS Scrap, PVC, Copper Scrap, CI Scrap, Transformer, Oil, Glass, Rubber Scrap, Wooden Scrap, Structural Steel
A-22-2515 20-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT, MS Scrap, MS MISC
A-22-2490 19-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of vehicles scrap
A-22-2502 19-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-22-2504 19-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item, MS Heavy, SS Scrap, Paper Scrap, Filter Bag, Copper Scrap, Automobile Scrap
A-22-2483 18-01-2022 e_Auction sale of HRCS Scrap, MS Drum, Conveyor Belt, GI Scrap, MS Light, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Copper Cable / Copper Wire
A-22-2489 18-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of grease,tyre,barrels
A-22-2493 18-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of License
A-22-2495 18-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Filter Scrap
A-22-2488 17-01-2022 e-Auction Sale of Machinery Item, Aluminium Dross, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Rubber Scrap, Motors, Wooden Scrap
A-22-2496 17-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MISC item ,TMT, MS Scrap
A-22-2473 15-01-2022 e-Auction Sales of Grinding Media , Tyre, MS Heavy, Glass, Barrels, HDPE Bag
A-22-2482 15-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS drum, MS heavy ,MS MISC
A-22-2497 15-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of chemical
A-22-2503 15-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-22-2492 14-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Dross
A-22-2476 13-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Tyre, GI Scrap, TMT, MS Scrap, Structural Steel
A-22-2477 13-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Bearing Scrap, Conveyor Belt, GI Scrap, MS Heavy, MS Scrap, Electrical Scrap, Wooden Scrap
A-22-2463 12-01-2022 e_Auction sale of NPA / NMI
A-22-2464 12-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Plastic, Gunny Bag, MS MISC, Food Waste
A-22-2472 12-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Fire Bricks Alumina, HRCS Scrap, Tyre, Conveyor Belt, MS Heavy, MS Mix, Filter Bag, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire
A-22-2486 12-01-2022 e-Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt
A-21-2387 11-01-2022 e_Auction SALE OF Plant Machinery
A-22-2467 11-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-22-2469 11-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, MS Heavy, Filter Scrap, GI Strip
A-22-2484 11-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Drum, Cartoon Box, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Copper Scrap, MS MISC, Wooden Scrap
A-21-2454 07-01-2022 e_Auction sale of Bakery Yeast
A-21-2458 07-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of Plastic, MS Drum, Plastic Drum, Wooden Scrap
A-21-2457 06-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Mix]
A-21-2447 03-01-2022 e-Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, MS Heavy, Filter Bag, MS Turning, Wooden Scrap
A-22-2461 03-01-2022 e_Auction Sale of chemical
A-21-2453 30-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of [Tyre, Filter Bag, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, DUMPER]
A-21-2443 29-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Grinding Media
A-21-2446 29-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item, MS Scrap
A-21-2450 29-12-2021 e-auction Sale of MS Scrap, MS turning scrap
A-21-2452 29-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-21-2438 23-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Hi Chrome Casting Scrap
A-21-2418 22-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of NPA / NMI]
A-21-2419 21-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, E-waste, Oil and Grease, MS Scrap, PVC, Garbage Scrap, Discarded Furniture, Wooden Scrap]
A-21-2422 18-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of MS Mix, Aluminium Scrap, Copper Scrap, Nylone, MS MISC
A-21-2409 17-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of NPA/NMI
A-21-2402 16-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of MS Drum, Cartoon Box, MS Scrap, Wooden Scrap
A-21-2432 16-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of MISC Item
A-21-2403 15-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Passenger Vehicles, Hi Chrome Casting Scrap, Nylone, Rubber Scrap, Vehicles Scrap, Air Conditioner
A-21-2405 15-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item
A-21-2406 15-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, Manganese Steel, MS Heavy, Paper Scrap, PVC, Electrical Scrap, Vehicles Scrap
A-21-2407 15-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of E-waste, Crane, Manganese Steel, MS Scrap, Filter Bag, PVC, Oil, Barrels
A-21-2424 15-12-2021 e_Auction sale of Aluminum
A-21-2428 15-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Plastic, MS Drum, MS Light, Glass, Wooden Scrap, Cardboard
A-21-2388 14-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Electrical Scrap
A-21-2396 14-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Plastic, Conveyor Belt, GI Scrap, HDPE Wrappers, MS MISC
A-21-2408 14-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of FRP Rods
A-21-2386 13-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-21-2421 13-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of chemical
A-21-2404 11-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Garbage Scrap, Barrels
A-21-2399 09-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, Rubber, Aluminium, MS Drum, SS Scrap, HDPE, LDPE, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, PVC, Glass]
A-21-2393 08-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of IT WASTE
A-21-2385 07-12-2021 e-Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, MS Light, Electrical Scrap, Filter Scrap
A-21-2392 07-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, E-waste, Rubber, Oil and Grease, Grinding Media , Tyre, MS Mix, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, Refractories Bricks]
A-21-2376 06-12-2021 e_Auction SALE OF MISC Item, Passenger Vehicles
A-21-2378 06-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item
A-21-2379 06-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machines, SS Steel tubes
A-21-2382 01-12-2021 e-auction Sale of MS Light, MS Heavy, Aluminium Scrap, Copper Scrap, Wooden Scrap
A-21-2367 30-11-2021 e_Auction Sale of IT WASTE
A-21-2352 29-11-2021 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, MS Mix, SS Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Oil, USED AND WASTE MOTOR SCRAP
A-21-2358 29-11-2021 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Scrap
A-21-2338 17-11-2021 e_Auction Sale of GI Scrap, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Barrels
A-21-2334 13-11-2021 e_Auction Sale of TMT
A-21-2271 28-10-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item, NPA/NMI
A-21-2294 25-10-2021 e-Auction Sale of MS MISC
A-21-2298 22-10-2021 Pre bid cum e_Auction Sale of E-waste, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, IT Waste, Printer, USED AND WASTE ELCTRICAL SCRAP
A-21-2273 14-10-2021 e_Auction SALE OF MISC Item
A-21-2281 14-10-2021 e_Auction Sale of Electrical
A-21-2278 13-10-2021 e_Auction Sale of Grinding Media, Filter Scrap
A-21-2252 27-09-2021 e_Auction Sale of Machinery Item
A-21-2242 24-09-2021 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium, Crane, MS Scrap, SS Scrap, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Tank, Electrical Scrap, MS MISC, Wooden Scrap, MS Steel tubes, Air Conditioner
A-21-2248 22-09-2021 e_Auction Sale of MS Light, MS Heavy
A-21-2251 22-09-2021 e_Tender cum e_Auction Sale of APMT assets
A-21-2250 18-09-2021 e_Tender cum Re_Auction Sale of CFS - Custom
A-21-2217 28-08-2021 e_Tender cum Re_Auction Sale of CFS - Custom
A-21-2154 23-07-2021 e_Auction Sale of [MS Light, MS Heavy, SS Scrap]
A-21-2160 21-07-2021 e_Auction Sale of [Aluminium, Paper Scrap, PVC, Glass, Wooden Scrap, Food Waste]
A-21-2144 17-07-2021 e_Auction Sale of [Bag, Plastic Drum, Cast Iron, Paper Scrap, PVC, Wooden Scrap, Food Waste]
A-21-2064 03-06-2021 e_Auction Sale of Plastic Drum, Air Filter, MS Light, MS Heavy, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Barrels, Wooden Scrap
A-21-1933 18-02-2021 e_Auction Sale of Fiberglass Insulation Material
A-21-1926 17-02-2021 e-Auction Sale of Plastic scrap
A-21-1891 15-02-2021 e_Auction Sale of SS304,SS316
A-21-1910 12-02-2021 e_Auction Sale of chemical
A-21-1915 12-02-2021 e_Auction Sale of Fiberglass Insulation Material
A-21-1899 06-02-2021 e-Auction Sale Of Ms Heavy,Ms Misc,CONVEYOR BELT
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R-22-1033 25-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of e-Auction for Atta woven sacks
R-22-1030 21-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of Rice meal
R-22-1034 21-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of Laminate
R-22-1035 21-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of Painting works
R-22-1028 19-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of Dehydrated Ring Beans
R-22-1029 19-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of MISC Items
R-22-1018 18-01-2022 e_Auction e-Auction for Polybags
R-22-1019 17-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of Mix SMP - 200mt, Unsalted Cow Butter – 150mt and WMP – 100mt
R-22-1021 17-01-2022 e_Auction e-Auction for Sugar
R-22-1023 17-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of MISC Items
R-22-1016 12-01-2022 e_Auction procurement for Atta woven sacks
R-22-1017 12-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of electrical wire
R-22-1011 08-01-2022 e_Auction Procurement of MISC Items
R-22-1007 07-01-2022 e_Auction e-Auction for Snacks Laminate
R-21-711 26-02-2021 Reverse Auction Reverse E - Auction for civil works for Sandviks Expansion project Peacock at Sandivk, Rajpur, Mehsana as per Final BOQ/Technical Sign Off
R-21-702 22-02-2021 Reverse Demo Material
R-21-692 20-02-2021 Reverse Auction Transportation of Seed Potatoes.
R-21-700 19-02-2021 Reverse Auction Design, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Sandviks pre engineered building as per tender specification and technical signoff
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ET-22-356 24-01-2022 24-01-2022 Manganese Steel, MS Light, MS Scrap
ET-22-353 24-01-2022 24-01-2022 Batteries, Aluminium, Tyre, Cast Iron, Obsolete item, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, IT Waste, Pipe Scrap, Electrical Scrap
ET-22-355 18-01-2022 18-01-2022 Machinery Item, Aluminium Dross, Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Rubber Scrap, Motors, Wooden Scrap
ET-22-354 17-01-2022 17-01-2022 Oil and Grease, Conveyor Belt, GI Scrap, MS MISC
ET-22-351 06-01-2022 06-01-2022 Food Waste
ET-22-349 04-01-2022 04-01-2022 SCRAP CONVEYOR BELT
ET-21-348 22-12-2021 22-12-2021 Zinc
ET-21-347 16-12-2021 16-12-2021 Filter Bag, Rubber Scrap, Vehicles Scrap
ET-21-293 16-02-2021 16-02-2021 Sale of Plastic PVC
ET-21-292 15-02-2021 15-02-2021 Sale of SS steel tubes
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D-21-10 23-03-2021 Dutch_Auction MSGL Reactor 22-R-11 Alpha Plant
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Salasar e-auction platform has been helping clients carry customized online Dutch auctions, in such a way that their profit is maximized. Now, the time to get stuck in the lengthy auctioning paperwork has gone; we have brought a revolutionized technique, where the entire process can be carried under your fingertips.

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We are known for providing best online tendering solutions in the industry. Moreover, we ensure to carry the entire tender cycle within the time as mentioned by you through our automated system, delivering transparency, apt cost reduction, and efficient procurement process.

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