Online Reverse Auction
Reducing procurement prices and turnaround time is the topmost priority of businesses in the current competitive environment. And, this has certainly increased the demand for online reverse auction platforms, serving you the best Salasar e-auction house offers real-time bidding solutions. We are the leading reverse live-auctioning service providers and have been helping buyers to make the best out of their purchases. So don't wait ahead, just register yourself with us right away!
R-22-1208 18-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Corn Meal
R-22-1209 18-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Biscuits
R-22-1205 17-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Biscuits
R-22-1204 16-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Biscuits
R-22-1201 13-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for North Biscuits
R-22-1203 13-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Boundary Wall Height Work
R-22-1196 12-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for west Biscuits
R-22-1198 12-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for 3t Eot Crane
R-22-1199 12-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Soil Filling
R-22-1200 12-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Paints
R-22-1197 11-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Ac
R-22-1192 09-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for I.T. Items
R-22-1191 07-05-2022 e_Auction Procurement for Paint
Our Exceptional Offerings:
  • Dynamic and highly-flexible reverse e-auction platform
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Separate login for auctioneers and bidders
  • SMS and email alerts followed by phone calls
  • Completely secure auctioning platform
Salasar e-Auction House: Best Site Providing Online Reverse Auction for Buyers
  • You can find the cheapest supplier from a range of sellers
  • Your buying reach increases
  • You can drive a price reduction of the product you are interested in procuring
  • You can invite only the interested suppliers
  • You can analyze your spending
Salasar e-Auction House: Best Site Providing Online Reverse Auction for Suppliers
  • You can improve supply market knowledge
  • You can witness complete transparency in the bidding process
  • You will be provided auto extension support
  • You can go for a demo e-auction so as to know the system better
Salasar e-Auction House: Best Site Providing Online Reverse Auction for Logistics
With significant years of experience in online logistics solutions, we ensure make your businesses more efficient by offering e-reverse auction services in the same. So, it is high time to give wings to your productivity; register with us and we will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the cheapest and quickest carrier from a wide range of options available in our existing database.
  • Pan-india reach
  • Verified customer database
  • Customised services
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Online and offline customer support