Online Forward Auction
When you are selling your asset, then all you need is the best possible price for it in the shortest time. And, this requires reaching out to as many buyers as possible. So, if you are worried about searching for prospective bidders, then we have a great news for you: Salasar Online Auction House provides forward e-auctions for all range of items. All you need to do is, connect with us the soonest.
A-22-3161 07-10-2022 e_Auction sale of MISC Item
A-22-3176 07-10-2022 e_Auction Sale of NPA/NMI
A-22-3174 05-10-2022 e_Auction Sale of Grinding Media , MISC Item
A-22-3167 04-10-2022 e_Auction Sale of Recycled polyester chips
A-22-3153 30-09-2022 e_Auction sale of Electrical Scrap, Motors
A-22-3180 30-09-2022 e_Auction sale of Aluminium, Anode , Cast Steel, IT Waste, MS Heavy
A-22-3107 29-09-2022 e-Auction Sale of W&S of Binding wire, W&S of Aluminum Cable,W&S of Copper Cable, W&S of MS,W&S of ACS Cable, W&S of HTGS Steel Wire,W&S of Discarded filling Jelly,W&S of Cement
A-22-3178 29-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of TMT, Wooden Scrap
A-22-3162 28-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Magnese Steel, MISC Item, MS MISC
A-22-3175 28-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of C.I. GROOVE INSERTS SCRAP (OILY), CI Scrap
A-22-3154 27-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Batteries, Filter Scrap, Garbage Scrap, MS Drum, Plastic Drum, Structural Steel, TMT, Tyre, Wooden Scrap
A-22-3165 27-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of MISC Item, Noodles, Plastic
A-22-3168 27-09-2022 e_Auction sale of Aluminium Dross
A-22-3173 27-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Chemical
A-22-3138 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS Scrap
A-22-3150 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Scrap, Conductor, GI Scrap
A-22-3156 26-09-2022 e_Auction sale of Conveyor Belt, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, HDPE Bag, HRCS Scrap, MS Drum, MS Heavy, MS MISC, Tyre
A-22-3157 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Conveyor Belt, Filter Bag, Glass, Magnese Steel, MS Scrap, Plastic
A-22-3158 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Aluminium Scrap, Anode , OXIDE FLOOR SWEEPING -AL. CHIPS&IRON
A-22-3160 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Bearing Scrap, E-waste, MISC Item, MS Scrap, Rubber Scrap, Tyre
A-22-3169 26-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of Chemical
A-22-3171 26-09-2022 e-Auction Sale of Discarded Furniture, E-waste, Electrical Scrap, GI Scrap, HTGS core wire scrap, Machinery Item, MS Scrap, Paper Scrap, Plastic
A-22-3155 24-09-2022 e_Auction Sale of MS MISC, TMT
A-22-2985 21-07-2022 e_Auction Sale of Furniture
A-22-2697 04-04-2022 e_Auction Sale Of Aluminium Cable / Aluminium Wire, Cast Iron, Copper Cable / Copper Wire, Electrical Scrap, Magnese Steel, MS Heavy, MS Light, MS turning scrap, STAINLESS SCRAP- HU GRADE
A-21-2412 10-12-2021 e_Auction Sale of chemical
Our Exceptional Offerings:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Functions to increase bids
  • Automated extension support
  • Detailed transaction reports sent to on auction completion
  • Sealed Bid e-Auction, Price e-Auction, Rank e-Auction, and Dutch e-Auction algorithms
  • Direct Phone Calls , SMS and email alerts
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